Monday, May 4, 2009

1st Week of May

3 piles of brush to Soilutions before noon!
Rain Saturday afternoon.

Everything is blooming.
The Lady Banks opened some of her first blooms Saturday, ditto the blackberry canes and the first blossoms from my Snow in Summer. Gloria's over-wintered red-orange geranium unfurled a vermillion floret. Just one, so she looks like she's winking. My leggy red snapdragons (the dwarfs are still in process). The third bloom on my hedgehog cactus. The cat mint in the Choke Cherry bed spread out & popped its pale purples. The blossoms are now visible on all the yarrow. G has a few blossoms on her new batch of strawberries. Very sweet. And elm seedlings: legion.

The wild sunflowers have sprouted. Am finding them everywhere, willy nilly. And the "greys" -- so tough (Silver-leafed Nightshade) are starting to pop up. Still finding tiny patches of foxtail, with full seed heads, but not dry; I think we're catching them before they can disperse. Though there are fields of it across the street near the ditch and down the block, and the trashy alley of a close neighbor--through the back fence.

Backyard Farming Workshop - Sunday 9-11:30.
Libros - Sunday 1-3:30.

Friday afternoon: Saavers for shorts (1 nice, one for hiking), black t & gardening top. Watched Paycheck (sci fi).

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