Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Wednesday night - long day at work. Then a huge helping of "Arrested Development." (Season II).

Thursday - Gloria goes on a veggie cooking binge. How lovely! Feasting in Rio Rancho with the Manzanares clan. Decompressing with Ratatouille (the movie). It rained. A good solid rain. And was nippy. If we could see the tops of the Sandias I'm guessing there would be snow.

Friday - after a leisurely start, a trip to Santa Fe to the Folk Art Museum. Cheap tasty early dinner at the colorful coffee shop/ bakery behind Trader Joe's. Could see the snow line, and the sulky clouds dumping the snow on them. Just out of reach/ a couple of miles off on the peaks that ring Museum Hill.

Saturday - errands. A field trip to Pro's Market (what on earth to they do with all that tamarind? what are the cheeses for?). Then a quick (hurried) late morning walk along the empty ditch. Doug the dog to Petsmart for a bath and claw clip. 12:30 appointment. Tuesday Morning for candles. Walmart looking for things they didn't have. Wall-e ... an impulse buy. Watched it and were delighted.

Sunday - Cleaned and sorted and fluffed at Gloria's. Put up Christmas decorations! At Lowe's, found decorations on sale, so I got myself a set of 4 gold metal stars with twinkie lights inside. Got G bulbs and tinsel. Went home (it was like coming home after a trip). Read some Darwin and ate the end of last week's soup. Weather pretty warm (you can go out without gloves and hats, with a light jacket or windbreaker). And speaking of windbreakers, it was REALLY windy all day. Knocked all the rest of the leaves off the elm. Brown waves frozen in place all over my back yard. The tomato plants now brown; hard to look at. This winter cycle: dying, dead, shrinking back into the soil.

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