Monday, June 30, 2008

Words from the Yard Warriors...

  • Rain/ No rain. Sunday late afternoon it rained buckets at the university, and along the northeast heights, but not at all downtown or in the north valley. At least the weather was cooler. Temps dropped from the high 80s to 77/78 in the space of 90 minutes.
  • Gloria's yard: moving the yarrow, watering the garden, planting lettuce, weedingweedingweeding!
  • Second stalk of hollyhock bloomed. A smaller one. Lovely true red.
  • Caterpillars eating my petunia blossoms to shreds. Killed 2.
  • My tomatoes either have tiny yellow blooms, or the green bells I'm hoping will be blooms. I have never grown tomatoes. Gloria says they were originally Alpine plants, so they like constant moist soil. Somewhere I read that they were suspicious (not the cornerstone vegetable they are in the United States in the last 50 years). Do they need to be pollinated?
    "Our Vegetable Travelers" by Victor R. Boswell. National Geographic Magazine August 1949 Vol 96(2)

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